Thursday, 14 June 2007

Teplice&Krupka, monday

Last monday I visited Krupka, near Teplice in the Czech republic.
An opportunity to post some sketches I made last year in the main square of Teplice.
The sketches are from my room in the Prince de Ligne hotel, and it lookes at a "plague pillar" from 1718, to commemorate that Teplice got away lightly with the 1713 black plague. the sculpture was made by Braun, who also did some statues on the Carlsbridge in Prague.
Afgelopen maandag was ik in Tsjechie, naar Krupka vlakbij Teplice. Een schets van de plaagzuil uit 1718, gemaakt omdat Teplice ontsnapte aan de plaag van 1713.

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