Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Last friday I visited the Floriade in Venlo with a group of fellow architects of the BNA.
The floriade is a park exhibition organised once every 10 years in the Netherlands.
We visited the Innovatoren by architect Jo Coenen and Villa Flora with its impressive energy saving installations.
But most impressing was the painting I saw on the 12th and highest floor of the tower. It was a 3D painting by Patrick Hughes, and I have never seen such a mindboggling painting in my life. I can describe here how it works, but not what it does to your mind when you see it in reality. I can only say it's made in reversed perspective, if you have the chance go and see for yourself (the exhibition is not open to normal public by the way).
I made the above sketch in 5 minutes from that 12th floor, looking over the park.

On request: a video of a similar painting by Patrick Hughes: note that the filmer moves in the other direction than what you would expect. And it's oilpiant on wood!
Also an explanation by the artist: 


Geert-Jan Bol said...

Poeh hé, zoveel informatie in 5 minuten.

Balaji said...
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Balaji said...

This is a nice sketch, but in just 5 minutes? Wow!

I am very intrigued by your comments on Patrick Hughes' 3D painting. Is there any link (on the web) where one could view it?

Rene Fijten said...

Balaji, I am happy to oblige.
I added links for a video of a similar painting to the post.

Jeroen said...

at 0:16 in the video it becomes clear how it is done... amazing.

Rene Fijten said...

Yes Jeroen, indeed. In reality it's even better-worse.