Tuesday, 1 January 2013


First, best wishes for the new year, may it be a good and healthy one.

I know, a bit late, but here are the sketches of the "sinterklaas" surprises I prepared for my family and their partners.
All have a story linked to events that happened last year.
For example, Rianne now lives and studies in London. She uses a bike there, but being Dutch she does not use the usual flashing lights, yellow safety jackets and helmets. So I prepared an UK-helmet with christmas lights, to help her assimilate in London.

The  wooden voodoo-foot (full size, I cut it myself from a piece of firewood) was meant for my wife; it refers to the fact that the doctors could not find an origin and cure for the achilles injury she has since summer.
And Brenda and Bob received some jokes as well. I'll have to start thinking about next year.

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