Thursday, 25 July 2013

Michael Jackson trial in Los Angeles

I will post the drawings I made during my USA trip in due time.
Meanwhile I decided to show above drawing first because of the relevance: it was made last Monday on the doorstep of the Superior Court in Los Angeles.
Anchorman Alan Duke was in a live broadcast on CNN, talking about the (weeping) testimony of the mother of Michael Jackson. I even found the broadcast back on youtube I am not in the clip, I was sitting to the left.
Funny that in the clip there is no indication that Mr. Duke has a ponytail, which in reality he has.
And as a sidenote: there are beautiful trial drawings made by a Mona S. Edwards in the clip.


Sandy's drawing room said...


Great to come across your work. I love the 'in the moment' nature of this drawing and the range across the rest. Inspiring!


Rene Fijten said...

Thank you Sandy for this nice comment!