Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sam's Diner in San Francisco

Across the street from our Hotel on Market street there was Sam's diner, our first experience on US food (if you don't count the tasteless hamburger I took with Rob Carey the first evening).
American breakfast is something: quick, tasty, and enough to keep you going for a day.
Double eggs, smoked bacon, toast with too much butter, hash brown potatoes, tomatoes and good black coffee.

American food is delicious. Apart from the standard hamburger that first night, I can't remember one single time I did not thoroughly enjoy the meals. Even though quantities are somewhat larger than what we are used to, they were never overdone.
I became a fan of medium rare New York steaks.

That early morning when I wanted to draw Sam's diner, there were a few homeless searching the wastebins.
I added them to the drawing.
In all honesty, I should add that this was the only time during our trip when poverty was so visible.

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