Friday, 2 August 2013

Mariposa grove

After Yosemite we proceeded to Mariposa grove, where you can still find a few hundred of the highest and oldest trees in the world.

Beautiful and unimaginable high trees, some up to 80 meters: the Eiffel tower is only four times higher....
We made a beautiful walk to the Giant Grizzly. Imagine: 2000 years old, and having an enormous trunk, 30 meters measured around.
Also to the California tunnel tree. A hole was cut into the trunk in 1895, fit for coaches. Hard to imagine, but the tree is still alive.
Maybe Salvador Dali got his inspiration from this tree?

Anyway, it's a beautiful forest: the light filtering down through the branches has a very special quality and colour. I can't name it, but that light will stick in my mind.

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