Thursday, 3 July 2014

The love letter

The love letter. A painting loosely based on a painting by Vermeer.
I posted an earlier version on this blog some time ago, here is the link:
I received some good observations by Beth (from Montreal), which I followed to some extent.
I also posted the painting on another forum (sketching workshop), and even if I did not follow all suggestions, they all made sense somehow. I makes you think, and that's the only way to improve.

The major changes are:
- background: toning down the background and unifying the top with the bottom, getting rid of saturated  red.
- figure: the posture of the maid was unnatural, I made her smaller and repositioned the arm for a more natural look.
- I made the yellow skirt less exuberant and enlarged the letter (the subject of the painting....)
BTW: I observe that the blue lines in this picture come out more saturated than they do in reality, I'ts hard to make good pictures of the paintings I make.

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