Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Pilot-Namiki Falcon

During our trip to New York I treated myself on a Pilot Falcon fountain pen. The one with the bird-beak shaped flexible nib.
In Europe you can only buy the very expensive metal one, but I found this address in New York Downtown, where I could try out the regular type. The issue was deciding on the size of the nib, which also depends on the type of paper. I bought the SF type: $144.
I hope it lives up to it's reputation.
First impressions: the nib is really flexible, but I have to get used to change pressure on the nib for maximum effect.
And I did notice that the lexington grey is more dark than what I am used to, probably because it feeds more ink than my Lamy.

We bought the pen at the "Fountain pen hospital" on Warren street near City hall.
A beautiful shop with some 2000 types of fountain pens.
We were served well with really good advice, they took their time and I was able to try some different pens as well. That is something that buying on the internet will always lack: good personal advice.
And it will add to the value of the pen: the pen is now connected to memories of this trip to NYC for years to come.

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