Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Girl reading Klimt

I finally had time to finish the painting yesterday, it has been on my easel for far too long. But with all my travelling I just lacked the time.
The painting is Acrylic, 70x90 cm, and made as final piece of the Annemiek Jongen Painting Master Class.
In a previous post I described the painstaking journey to a good composition looking-for-klimt-1.

 After I made the linesketch I scanned it and made this quick digitally coloured version using GIMP.
I tried several trees and fabrics, but in the end I liked this compostion.

But the first version painting had the wrong colours, I had to redo most colours three times.
And it was quite painstaiking work to get rid of te blue patterns, they kept shimmering through the yellow colours.

In the end I am pleased with the outcome, even though I still see possible improvements.
It's time to move on.

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