Sunday, 4 February 2018

Magdeburg Hundertwasser (2)

I noticed that I hadn't posted this drawing yet. It's the other side of the Hundertwasser building, the backside.

I had half an hour left to make the pendrawing before my train would leave.
I totally disliked the actual colours of the building, so I determined to keep it in slightly coloured greytones.
I think it works far better than the other drawing, of a few posts back.

This was also the first time I reused my Lamy Joy with a calligraphy nib (1.5), it had been lying in my desk for years.
Back then it didn't work for me, but now I really liked working with it. So I used it to make the Rotterdam drawing (Piekstraat) as well. Which I even like better!
Funny how you sometimes rediscover materials after time.


Michael Lukyniuk said...

I also like this version better than the previous one. Its cleaner, simpler and gives a good sense of the building. Like you, I sometimes go back to old pens or materials and am surprised with the results.
As an aside, I was in Magdeburg in 2000 but didn't see this building. I did see the cathedral and was impressed by the sculptures inside.

Rene Fijten said...

Michael, actually it was o the other side of the cathhedral, there is a square at teh side, and the building takes a city block, in one of the corners of that square. So the next time..... Thanks