Thursday, 15 March 2018

High speed train

Visit to Magdebug, Germany. For business. We took the ICE (German high speed train, at times they run approx 250km/hour). I had no time to sketch in Magdeburg itself, so I made this quick one, during a stop before entering some station. I forgot which one, somewhere between Magdeburg and Hannover. I barely had time to sketch the dominant shapes, the rest I did out of memory.


Michael Lukyniuk said...

Its nice to travel and have the opportunity to sketch as well. I tend to stay in the same location for most of the year (city or cottage) with one or two opportunities to travel somewhere different. While local sketching is a great activity, you have to make an extra effort to see something with fresh eyes. A trip is different - everything is new and fresh. Opportunities abound. This scene appears to be a very gritty industrial type location. You did a good job. It may have been interesting to have a person in the scene to get a sense of dimension, but its still fairly obvious.

Rene Fijten said...

I agree with your point. I travel a lot, also for work, and I live in an area with distinct differences in landscape and culture. Germany is 7 km away, Belgium (Flanders) 15, and Belgium (Wallonie) about 25.
This was drawn in the former East German territories. There are still a lot of these railroad buildings around, all deserted and ready to be demolished. I usually don't add people in the scene if they are not there, unless there is a good reason.