Monday, 1 December 2008

Kasteel Amstenrade

Ik woon weliswaar in Hoensbroek, maar mij hele jeugd heb ik op kasteel Amstenrade uitgekeken. Voor mij is dit hét enige echte kasteel. jammer voor kasteel Hoensbroek.
The castle of Amstenrade, just around the corner. It's still occupied by the Countess d'Ansembourg.


Rob Carey said...

Love it, Rene- looks like a sunny, cold day- great job.

Caniche_Noir said...
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Caniche_Noir said...

My father grew up in Amstenrade, and my mother lived in Amstenrade Kasteel for a period of time after WW2. My grandfather was in the military, and apparently some German POWs had to work at the castle. My grandfather was like their warden, or something along those lines. Anyway, my parents met in the shadow of that castle. I MUST send them a link to your beautiful art!