Saturday, 29 May 2021

Vogelzang in Puth


One of the typical courtyard farmhouses in our region. This is an old house in Puth, called Vogelzang (Birds song). Nicely restored. During sketching I had the opportunity to chat with  one of the owners of the building complex, Marietje van der Linden. Always nice.

Monday, 24 May 2021

De Ridder (8): the Octopus

(Page 8 of the Childrens book I wrote for my grandchildren. It's in Dutch, but this is the English translation. I finished it yesterday.)

The Knight had to cover his ears again, and walked to the animal to check it out properly. He had to shout: “Hello Hydra! Listen, for a nice little reward I could solve your problem!”

The seven heads looked to each other and said simultaneously: “Okay. This pot holds a nice and fitting present. It will make you think of this sweet creature. Will that do?”. “We have a deal!” the Knight said.

He flew to the roof on his horse and lowered a rope through the chimney. With a heavy pull the animal came loose. It was a regular Octopus! She was probably lost in the storm!

The Knight pointed to Octopus. ”Look at that! An Octopus. She is clearly a long way from home and the sea. But I will take her home”.

The Hydra blushed out of shame. Stuttering the heads told each other: “I am so sorry, Forgive me, I didn’t mean all I said. I do like you. Can we be friends again? Just like old times?”

And so everything was okay again. They spit a little fire to celebrate.

The Knight waved goodbye and quickly carried the Octopus to the sea.

Friday, 21 May 2021

Lee Marvin


Just a little random drawing, from a movie still. Point Blank featuring Lee Marvin. Always a fantastic actor to see playing. Washed out fountain pen ink.

Monday, 17 May 2021

Hoenderloo groep


Another one, made at the weekend we had on the Veluwe. This is a rather strange building of a former treatment center for difficult boys. It already existed for about 160 years, before it was closed down last year. I was talking to a nice couple who lived in the neighbouring streets, they filled me in. A beautiful area, it seems a pity for the former inhabitants of this institution.

Saturday, 15 May 2021

Old lady


Exercise in Pastel. An old lady, after a picture from Google. Even though it's not my favourite material, it felt nice to do a portrait again.

Monday, 10 May 2021



We had a nice little long weekend in a cottage in a holiday camp on the Veluwe. In Hoenderloo. Fortunately the weather was nice (even though we have had better temperatures in previous May's). Especially on Sunday the temperature was comfortable. The cottages are spread widely over a slightly hilly forest; this is the actual view from terrace of our cottage. It's quite relaxing to draw with some nice music on my hearing aids.