Thursday, 31 October 2019

Day 3 / 4: massada and the Red Sea

The journey went further, along the river Jordan, Jericho, some Roman excavations, a waterfall etc,
One of the highlights was swimming in the dead sea. Quite funy, but we had to move after a short while, because there was a fierce thunderstorm coming towards us over  the sea. We saw lightning striking the water.
And Massada, a high cliff with remnants of Roman fortifications. In 70 AD jewish resistance occupied the place. After a 3 month siege the Romans conquered the fortress again, only to find that the occupants committed suicide. 1000 men, woman and childeren.

The fortress on the left, view towards the dead sea to the right.

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Israel: day 2 the biblical places

On day 2 we travelled north, to Nazareth where we visited the annunciation grotto. I made a sketch on location there, but it was a horrible one. We also visited the lake of Galilea (now lake of Tiberius, the site of the bread multiplication) the ruins of the house of Petrus, some river Jordan baptism site and some other biblical sites. And ate a so called St. Peterfish. Tasty, but a lot of bones.

After a visit to the Golan Heights (with fantastic views over the country Jordan) and a boat trip over the lake, we ended in Tiberias. Above the view towards the lake, as seen from the hotel room.
And below a sketch of the electrical masts, you see these everywhere.

It was very hot, over 42 degrees C.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Israel: roundtrip day 1

We just returned from a journey across Israel.
A great place, we enjoyed the country very much, in all it's variety.
It was an organized trip; we travelled with a bus, under the inspired guidance of the Dutch/Israeli guide Eli.
Our group consisted of 19 Dutch travellers, most (except one) about our own age. That means seniors of course :)

I did not manage to make a lot of drawings, most were just quick scribbles that I worked out later, in the bus or in the hotel. Like the ones I show here.

Day 0 was occupied by travelling to Israel, to Netanya. There is not so much to tell except for the horrible Hotel.

On day 1 we travelled north to Akko, an old fortified seaside town. Known for the crusaders arriving here in the holy land.
Nice town, lovely bazars, good food, and a secret tunnel connecting the harbour with the quarters of the Knights Templar.
Driving back we visited Haifa, with this beautiful view over the city and the Bahia temple.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Arnhem, the sabelspoort

Another one of the Arnhem sketchday: the old entrance to the city. It's all that's left. In the back the tower of the main church of Arnhem: the Eusebiuschurch.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Arnhem, sketchday

We had another national Sketchday, in Arnhem this time. This is the city where in WW2 operation Marketgarden started, almost to the day 75 years ago.
I made two drawings of the "Devilshouse", which dates back to about 1550. The house (now townhall) is located across the main church of Arnhem.

Legend says that after it was finished the bishop wanted to confiscate the house. The owner of the house added some statues of devils and satyrs facing the church, to piss the bishop off.