Thursday, 24 October 2019

Israel: roundtrip day 1

We just returned from a journey across Israel.
A great place, we enjoyed the country very much, in all it's variety.
It was an organized trip; we travelled with a bus, under the inspired guidance of the Dutch/Israeli guide Eli.
Our group consisted of 19 Dutch travellers, most (except one) about our own age. That means seniors of course :)

I did not manage to make a lot of drawings, most were just quick scribbles that I worked out later, in the bus or in the hotel. Like the ones I show here.

Day 0 was occupied by travelling to Israel, to Netanya. There is not so much to tell except for the horrible Hotel.

On day 1 we travelled north to Akko, an old fortified seaside town. Known for the crusaders arriving here in the holy land.
Nice town, lovely bazars, good food, and a secret tunnel connecting the harbour with the quarters of the Knights Templar.
Driving back we visited Haifa, with this beautiful view over the city and the Bahia temple.

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