Monday, 24 May 2021

De Ridder (8): the Octopus

(Page 8 of the Childrens book I wrote for my grandchildren. It's in Dutch, but this is the English translation. I finished it yesterday.)

The Knight had to cover his ears again, and walked to the animal to check it out properly. He had to shout: “Hello Hydra! Listen, for a nice little reward I could solve your problem!”

The seven heads looked to each other and said simultaneously: “Okay. This pot holds a nice and fitting present. It will make you think of this sweet creature. Will that do?”. “We have a deal!” the Knight said.

He flew to the roof on his horse and lowered a rope through the chimney. With a heavy pull the animal came loose. It was a regular Octopus! She was probably lost in the storm!

The Knight pointed to Octopus. ”Look at that! An Octopus. She is clearly a long way from home and the sea. But I will take her home”.

The Hydra blushed out of shame. Stuttering the heads told each other: “I am so sorry, Forgive me, I didn’t mean all I said. I do like you. Can we be friends again? Just like old times?”

And so everything was okay again. They spit a little fire to celebrate.

The Knight waved goodbye and quickly carried the Octopus to the sea.

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