Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Snow and frost. I drew this picture on a bend in the road near Moulingen (Belgium) early this morning; by the time I finished my hands and feet were freezing. Frost at last, it was -20 last night.
Vrieskou en sneeuw: na zoveel jaar weer een keer. Deze schets gemaakt op de Maastrichterstraat in Moulingen. Brrrrr...


Kürsat said...

I like the simplicity. It lets me imagine everything else that isn't there..

Susan Rudat said...

With freezing hands and feet, I assume you added color later? I also like the simplicity.

Rene Fijten said...

Thanks for your remarks. Susan, no colour used, this was made with my fountainpen, and washed with a portable waterbrush. At some point my pen stopped working (a problem you won't have i texas I guess...) so I finished it later.

Susan Rudat said...

You waterbrush stopped working because of the cold? I should get a waterbrush, thanks for that reminder.

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