Monday, 9 March 2009


Another sketch of the 2CV at Landbouwbelang, made last friday.


joseph's art and stuff said...

Very nice! I finished the book "Blindness" a while ago, and now I'm halfway through his follow-up "Seeing". Thanks for referring it with one of your drawings.

Villager said...

Great sketch.
When I was in college, we all considered the 2CV the ultimate chick magnet.
I could never afford one of course, so I was pretty high and dry.

Rene Fijten said...

Thanks for your comments. I have to start on Saramago's "seeing" (stad des zienden) myself. Is it good?

Inspector Clouseau said...

Great work, really great. I came across your blog while “blog surfing” using the Next Blog button on the blue Nav Bar located at the top of my site. I frequently just travel around looking for other blogs which exist on the Internet, and the various, creative ways in which people express themselves. Thanks for sharing.