Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Travel kit

This is what I always carry around on all my travel or businesstrips:
- Moleskine large, watercolour
- Moleskine small, sketch
- Lamy fountain pen black ink
- Edding 1800, Profipen 0,3 and 0,5mm
- Rembrandt pure sable brush 3 and 6
- Lamy pencil 0.5mm, H
- Ordinary pencil 2B
- Waterbrush, medium Koi- Pentel paintbrush, black
- Stabilo fineliners- Portable watercolour set, Talens, with Van Gogh watercolours. I know the colours only by their Dutch names: ceruleum blauw, citroengeel, azo geel, permanant rood, kraplak donker, ultramarijn donker, kobalt blauw, permanent groen, vert emeraude, gele oker, gebrande sienna, paynes grijs.

1 comment:

Susan Rudat said...

I love seeing people's travel kits. Your kit looks proficient and fun. For me, items of a travel kit are like friends that come along with me. Can we see the "ships of the desert" art?