Saturday, 16 January 2010

art class 12

Art class, watercolour wet in wet after a live model. I was surprised to find that these splashes of colour really looked like the guy. Some kick. Schildercursus, vanmorgen, aquarel nat-in-nat, naar een echt, levend model.


Rob Carey said...

Nice, Rene- looks like you're having lots of fun in that art class- lucky you!

Rene Fijten said...

Yes it is. It's really fun and also thrilling to notice the progress. I don't know if you have the chance, but if you do, you should try it.

Johannes Huntjens said...

Please check my comment left on your blog dated back in Feb 2009

Rene Fijten said...

Jan, thank you for the unexpected comment on the post of my late father in law. I was glad to hear you are in good health, and although we never met, my father in law did tell about you in warm words. We did send an orbituary ( I am not sure I used the correct word, an official notification), but I guess we used the wrong adress.
My mother in law will dine with us this afternoon, I will write you on the email adress you mentioned.
Thanks for visiting, Rene

yawngie said...

I have been enjoying your reports on art class - I take some pride in having a good eye for good work and am appreciating your sketches and the talent behind them. I like the free-style watercolours especially - lots of spontaneity and, interesting, how one can capture the essence of a subject with such a quick and spontaneous brush stroke. I look forward to hearing about your dinner meeting with your mother in law - I am still hunting for more information about my mother's family and wonder if your wife may have more information about the Abbink connection. Anyway, it is exciting to connect. Regards