Monday, 24 May 2010

Life is good

Busy week, been to France and Turkey, passed through Belgium and Germany as well. For the record: my meals.

Sunday. Still at home: steak, salad and fries, with a nice Merlot wine.
Monday. Dinner in the airport in Belgium: tagliatelle with pesto sauce and scampi's, with a nice cool Chardonnay.
On the plane: smoked salmon on couscous.
Tuesday. Lunch in France: blackpudding (sausage) and chevre (goatcheese) with bread.
Dinner: Foie Gras, Agneau (Lambroast) with salad, pommes dauphines and a white Jurancon wine.
Wednesday. Lunch: Brebis (sheep cheese) and bread.
Dinner on the airplane: Greek style rice in wineleaves with Feta cheese. At home arrival, late at night: braadharing (fried and pickled herring).
Thursday. After a long flight, lunch in Istanbul: Durum Kebab with salad. Dinner: calamares (octopus), Dourade (fish) with salad and turkish red wine.
Friday: Lunch: Kofte (meatballs) with salad and Ayran (drinking yoghurt).
Dinner: Lamb tandoori with Arabic spiced rice and Turkish red wine.
Saturday. Lunch: Kofte in yoghurt sauce and salad.
Dinner: pasta tricolore with beef and oriental spices, and turkish dry white wine.
Sunday. Lunch: Calamares, sea brass and salad with a perfect view over Istanbul.
Dinner on the airplane back home: smoked chicken with rice, eggplant and arabic herbs.

Life is good.

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