Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Brooklyn, NY

Last week I received a book with my illustrations in it!
Rachel Levine, an american author from New York, wrote a lovestory playing Brooklyn. The book is illustrated with a lot of sketches, some of which I made during our trip to NYC last year.
I finished reading the book in three evenings; it's a bit sentimental, but the conversations are very witty and fast written, and the characters were so colourful, I could not stop.
The book should have been called: unputdownable!
Afgelopen weekeinde kreeg ik post uit de VS: een amerikaans boek geillustreerd met o.a. mijn tekeningen. Het boek is geschreven door Rachel Levine uit New York, en speelt zich af in Brooklyn. Ik heb het boek in 3 avonden uitgelezen, prachtige dialogen, kleurrijke karakters, wel een beetje sentimenteel. Typisch amerikaans dus.
This cover illustration is by the Seattle based artist Christine Marie Larsen


Rob Carey said...

A big congratulations, Rene. Is this just one of your illustrated works, or is this a first?

Rene Fijten said...

Thanks Rob, it was a first. The author came across sketches on USK, and asked a few of us (like Lapin and steve Gardner) to contribute. I found the idea quite funny: a dutch guy illustrating a NYC book about NYC... In the end 6 of my sketches found its way into the book.

Rob Carey said...

That's a great compliment to your artwork, Rene! Congrats!

Rodney said...

Een mooie erkenning van jouw werk! Proficiat!