Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Tomorrow evening we will be running again for the cowrunning games.
It's the start of Carnaval in our city. Eight paper and wood cows with each two runners do sprints and circuits on the Hoensbroek marketplace. Our group is 15 people and I am the captain.
Our theme this year: Kowhakkers (Lumberjacks). We built a wooden loghouse on wheels as home for our cow, to show off during the initial presentation parade.Wish us luck.
Morgenavond: de aftrap voor Carnaval: Kowrenne op de mèrt (Koerennen op de markt). Ons team gaat dit jaar als "Kowhakkers". Verder commentaar overbodig.

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nico jamin said...

heel veel succes vanavond!