Sunday, 13 March 2011


I made some sketches during the Carnaval parade in Hoensbroek last monday. Above the group of  "blieve plekke", with their digging-for-gold wagon. They won the 3rd prize. Below the group "Gaef gaas" (hurry up), who did not only win Kowrenne, but also the main prize of this year's parade.
The sketches are a bit shaky; I had to draw quickly because the groups were moving while drawing. Carnavalsoptocht, Hoensbroek. Boven de wagen van "Blieve Plekke" (3e prijs), onder de koninklijke koets van "Gaef Gaas" (hoofdprijs). De schetsen zijn rommelig, want ik moest nogal snel tekenen.

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