Friday, 18 March 2011

St Servaasbrug

Another lunchbreak on the river Maas, that's the advantage of working in an office on the riverbank.
I walked to the Sint Servaas bridge, originally from the Roman times when Maastricht was called Mosa Trajectum. The statue shows Saint Servaas, who was bishop of our town around 380 BC, and founded christianity in the low lands.
My winter coat was too warm.
Schets van de Sint Servaas brug, Maastricht, een paar dagen geleden in de warme lentezon tijdens de lunchpauze. Werken op een kantoor aan de Maas heeft zijn voordelen.
Eehhh, a small mistake:of course 380 BC must be AD380. To exist Before Christ would be hard for a bishop.....