Friday, 19 August 2011

Bandung, day 4

 This day we spend in Bandung, an old colonial city, with very beatiful old colonial houses, although not all in good shape. Early morning we visited the still steaming and sulphur smelling volcano Tangkuban Perahu, where I was able to make this sketch. I used my grey ink fountain pens and waterbrush.
Later that morning we visited a teafactory and bathed in hot water springs.
And finished the afternoon by visiting a music school, where a traditional puppetshow (wajang) was shown, and children showed us traditional dances. At the end of the show we all made music together, with traditional Angklung (bamboo) instruments. 

We finished the day with dinner in Bandung, eating the best sateh of our trip.


Irina said...

So interesting: the color, shape and mood of your sketches change together with geographic location of the painter.

Rene Fijten said...

Thanks Irina, sometimes I get bored with my own style, and I try something else. But not everythig works.