Wednesday, 17 August 2011


The past 2 weeks my wife, some friends and I went for a 16 day tour through Indonesia. We had a fantastic journey, not only because of the beautiful country, good food and fine weather, but also because of the excellent guide and pleasant group of fellow travellers (26 in total).

Above you see the 10-day route through Java, by bus and train.
After a 19 hour flight (we had 3 hours of delay in Dubai, during which we had to listen to ancient christmas songs) we arrived in Jakarta around noon on Tuesday.
Notwithstanding a huge jetlag we immediately proceeded to the harbour where old wooden ships were being loaded by hand (see sketch). Still yawning we visited a colonial museum in the city center of Jakarta. After that we we were allowed to catch up on our sleep deprivation.
De afgelopen 2 weken hebben Gertie en ik een 16-daagse rondreis door Java en Bali gemaakt. Een fantastisch land.


Beá Meira said...

Had you been in Borobodour? The budist temple in the forest?
I loved this map! Are there more images?

Rene Fijten said...

Yes Bea, we also went to Borodudur; I will post the drawing I made there in a few days. A huge and impressive building, but I found the Buddha tree in Sarnath (Varanasi, India, we visited that last year) much more fitting with the ideas of Buddha.

Rodney said...

Mooie weergave van een zo te lezen interessante en actieve vakantie! En mokkataartjes ... klinkt goed!

Geert-Jan said...

Dat is een heel lekker landkaartje.

Rene Fijten said...

Bedankt voor het bezoek Rodney en Geert-Jan; de mokkataartjes waren erg lekker, maar heb ik niet getekend.