Friday, 30 September 2011

Bachelor degree

Yesterday Rianne, my daughter, received her Bachelor degree  in Biomedical science, speciality Molecular Lifesciences, from the University of Maastricht.
I am sure that I pronounced the name of her speciality wrong, but what the hell do I know of microbiology.... (I tried reading her thesis but gave up after the first page).
I am sure about one thing though. I am very proud of her.
Gisteren ontving Rianne haar Bachelor diploma aan de universiteit, in Biomedische wetenschappen (of hoe dat tegenwoordig mag heten). Ik ben een trotse vader.


nico jamin said...

Gefeliciteerd met deze geweldige prestatie! Veel succes toegewenst voor de toekomst! Gemma&Nico Jamin

Geert-Jan said...

Mooi man!

Rene Fijten said...

Zoals ik al zei: apetrots.

Balaji said...

My congratulations to your daughter. You must be very proud of her. I know the feeling since at my daughter's graduation I was really overwhelmed and thought my heart would burst with pride.

Rene Fijten said...

Thanks Balaji: Yes you are absolutely right. Also congrats to your daughter - even if it's long ago (?).

Rianne said...

The title was fine:) Only it's not really microbiology. That's only a minor part of the Bachelor.
But thank you!