Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Pierre Perthuis

 Last of the images from the painting week in the Morvan. Above a sketch of the double bridge at Pierre Perthuis (not some french guy: the village is called that way). Didn't like the location sketch at first, so I added some spattered leaves to it. Also two pictures of our group in action. Well.... eeehhh.... action ?!
Nog wat beelden van de schildervakantie in de Morvan: de dubbele brug bij het dorpje "Pierre Perthuis". Ik vond de oorspronkelijke tekening een beetje saai, voegde daarom maar wat spetter-bladeren toe. Verder wat foto's van ons groepje in actie (nou ja, actie...)


Irina said...

I do not want to sound too talkative today, but your French experience is amazing. It also influenced the way of sketches, I think.

Rene Fijten said...

Thank you Irina, I feel the same. Of course time will tell if I really learned something.