Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Olympic games

This is what I went to London for, a visit to the buildings of the Olympic games. But even though a guide was waiting for us at the swimming pool, we were not allowed to enter the fenced off terrain, as we would not be performing professional working activities there.
Makes you wonder how sportsmen will ever be able to use the sportfacilities there. By wearing a hard hat?

This is a sketch (as seen from the fence) of the "Orbit" , a building of 115 meter high. It looks like a steel octopus catching a flying saucer in mid air.

We visited a few other architecturally interesting projects, and lunched on our way back to the center of town in Shoreditch.
I had a real good classic British pie there, with beef cooked in Ale, mashed potatoes, green peas and heavy gravy. As sketched below.


Geert-Jan Bol said...

Great sketch!

Rene Fijten said...

Het waren beide erg snelle schetsen, voor de pie nogal logisch: m'n eten werd koud.

liz said...

Fantastisch, ik heb even teruggelezen, je bent helemaal in (teken)vorm! Vooral van de uitdaging in een stadscentrum (voor het eerst!) een stuk of 30 portretten achter elkaar te tekenen was ik erg ondersteboven

Rene Fijten said...

Dank jewel Liz, de kerkrade sessie was ontzettend leuk om te doen, vooral vanwege het enthousiasme van bij die kinderen.

hlk89 said...

Ah! Pie, mash & liquor - a great East End delicacy and highly nutritious!

Rene Fijten said...

A treat indeed! I had a few some twenty years ago, and I was not fond of it back then. Greasy and salty.
But this one was great; real quality stuff by a new line of pie-shops. It's getting cool to eat British these days.