Sunday, 5 May 2013


Today we visited a cattle farm in Sibbe (near Valkenburg). The parents of Tamara, a friend of ours, own a Chianina farm. The Chianina are a rare breed of Italian cattle, originally from around Florence, and they own the only Dutch farm where these cows and bulls are bred.
I am not a cow aficionado, but these are very beautiful animals. White, sturdy and huge: bulls can easily reach up to 2 meters, and weigh 1600kg (the weight of a small Landrover). They are the largest race of cattle worldwide. But most beautiful are the calves: the first few months they are brown and stand on very tall legs. With these legs and their large eyes they almost resemble to Bambi!


RobCarey said...

I love watching cows, and at times (when I am too busy) have been jealous of their lazy life. Very nice sketch.

Rene Fijten said...

Indeed Rob, slowly munching grass and staring to the horizon.... why can't life be as easy as that.