Sunday, 24 November 2013

No right turn, a new chapter

The 8th pane of the collaborative comic noir "No Right Turn". A new chapter, a new twist, a new colour.
The last 7 panes were all set in the venetian blinds office in yellow colours. I found it time to change the scene, and leave the cliffhanger of the yellow box to add to the suspense. And I was a little fed up with the colour. So I made this panel to set new rules.
It was based on a 5 year old Urban sketch I made during our New York visit, in Chinatown, Doyers street.
I am totally surprised about the outcome of this accidental project,the twists and turns and creativity of the project. What more to come?
For the past panels: I keep the issue publication posted a few days ago up to date.

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