Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bugatti T35c

And here is the cherry on the cake of my painting weekend. Heading home on Saturday afternoon we passed through the village of Carignan (still in France, just south of the Belgian border).
There was a vintage car rally called "Grand Prix Rétro d'Yvois", with beautiful pre-WW2 cars.
Parked on the market square I noticed a fantastic Alvis, a few ancient Austins, a genuine threewheel Morgan. And a dream come through: I was able to sketch this 1927 Bugatti T35c on location, in real life! The machine looked beautiful, shining fiercely blue in the late afternoon sun.
I am considering another hobby....


Tineke said...

Hee, René, dat wordt dan toch wel nog een hobby erbij hè, niet in plaats van... ;-)

Rene Fijten said...

Het leven zit vol moeilijke keuzes. Zucht.