Sunday, 1 June 2014


I just returned from a long painting weeking in the North of France, where we stayed in a little village called Tétaigne, just south of the Belgian border.
We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast run by our former neighbours, who moved to France three years ago. A great place.
This is a painting I made on the last day, one of two. We sketched the view over Escombres for some time in the morning, and in the afternoon prepared the painting by sticking pieces of coloured paper or other stuff on the canvas. The trick was to catch the feeling of the place (the roofs and ochre walls), but let the coloured paper interact with what you were painting.
Acrylic on carton, about 40x50cm.


Tineke said...

Hee, leuk, René! Ja, wat een superplek hè, Tétaigne...

Rene Fijten said...

Inderdaad, ik vond het fantastisch daar. "Leven als God in Frankrijk" komt dan wel dichtbij.