Wednesday, 18 June 2014

More Escombres

On location sketches of Escombres (France). A view from the hills over the roofs of village, they are studies for the two paintings that I made that afternoon. The first one I showed in an earlier post, the other waits for finishing.

The above drawing should have been a "rene" type of Urban sketch: grey Noodlers ink lines and shades of watercolour.
But it went wrong, in the end the painting looked like s***.

So I decided to use it for experimenting.
I added layers of gouache, wetting them, drying it with a hair-dryer, torturing the paint with bristle brushes and old credit cards. This is the result: a bit 60s advertisement look.


Tineke said...

Mooi geworden, René!
Vaker doen zo, zou ik zeggen :-)

Rene Fijten said...

Een tekening laten mislukken:)? Het was erg leerzaam, om met gouache aan de gang te gaan.

Tineke said...

Ach, wat is mislukken...? Het resultaat is toch prachtig?