Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Ford T 1913

I have a lot more drawings of my Holidays, but here is a quick in between drawing from this morning.
The central library of Maastricht has an exposition on the involvement of Maastricht in the first World War.
The Netherlands were neutral during 1914-1918, but the war raged in full force just 5 kilometers south of Maastricht, across the Belgian border. The German Kaiser only wanted to reach France by crossing Belgium, there was no need to provoke the Netherlands as well. So they sticked to Belgian terrain, even made a difficult and expensive railway just 1 km south of the border at Moresnet.
This model T from 1913 was used for the transport of injured.
The picture shows the materials I used for this one: a Moleskine watercolourbook, a mechanical pencil, a Lamy fountain pen with Noodlers grey ink, and a 12 pan watercolour box (van Gogh).

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