Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sainte Mère-Église

More sketches from the D-day beaches in Normandy.
We also visited Sainte Mère Eglise, the town where the 101st airborne landed. They are well known because of the (excellent) TV-series "Band of brothers". And of course the part of John Wayne in the movie "the longest day".
We visited the museum there, quite impressive, especially when you realise the gliders were built from a few tubes, plywood and textile fabric. They someone got out alive is a wonder in itself.
Above sketch is the backpack as being worn by a paratrouper. It was on display in the cemetery in Colleville.
The other is the churchtower of Sainte Mère Église, a paratrooper got stuck on the steeple and became deaf of the ringing churchbells. I had full view from a nice sunny terrace on the other side of the street, while enjoying a nice café esprès. What a difference with 70 years ago.

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