Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Glass Horus

My new glass fusion project: Horus.
I posted it on facebook, and Jane Pereira Siebert (from Cape Town, South Africa) commented: "Wonderful shapes! How were you inspired to create this design?".
I must say that was a difficult question. 
I wanted to start on a new glass object, and started out with sketching a table with a vase on it. I drew it with pencil on the back side of an envelope. You can see the original envelope on below picture.
Don't ask me how
it evolved into this bird like object, but I think it has to do with the fact that I had visited an opera about a Egyptian Pharaoh the night before, Akhnaten (in Antwerpen, together with my kids, Rianne and Mart). I guess the image of Horus, the Egyptian god with the falcon head subconsciously played a role when arriving at this image.

But here is the funny part: I didn't make the connection that evening, the composition just looked like it was supposed to be. I realized the connection to the opera only a few days later.

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