Tuesday, 27 September 2016

MG rally badge

Something else. A friend of mine is part of an vintage MG car club. They have occasional meetings, and wanted a club logo. I made this design for them.
At first I made some sketches and proposals, and eventually I made a vectorized computerdrawing using the program Inkscape (0.91). Totally different from the usual photoshop kind of programs like Gimp.
The trick of these vectorized drawings is that they consist of lines, which you can give properties. The lines are mathematically defined, not pixelated. So you can blow them up 10.000 times without losing sharpness. But it requires another way of thinking in lines and areas. An interesting exercise.

This is the vectorized drawing (remark: at this point I still had to align the text with the banner, but I hadn't found the way to do that within the program yet)

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