Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sinterklaas 2016

December 2016, Sinterklaas again. That's Saint Nicholas day, the 5th of December, the day Dutch give presents to each other. I personally dislike giving presents with Christmas: not quite the way to celebrate the birth of Jezus.
Anyway, when kids are over the age that they believe the story of Sinterklaas, it's tradition to make surprise gifts for each other, accompanied with a nonsensical poem.
For some reason every year I made all surprise gifts. Already for about 12 years.
Above an example, for Bob, my son-in-law. He would like to buy a real skeleton (he is physiotherapist of profession), but can't afford it. And he is very good at barbecue. And loves Scotland. So I made this barbecue apron for him, combining all these items.

But here is another surprise, for the first time in all these years I was treated as well! Bob made a surprise gift for me. Theme: Grandfathers should stay active as long as they can. Making fun of my other hobby: running....

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