Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Boat stuck in ice

My brother in law, Richard Abbink, had an exhibition of watercolours in the Visserijmuseum in Woudrichem last weekend.
He makes great watercolours of that region, the Biesbosch. The landscape there are mostly wide rivers and marshes, but very beautiful and peaceful. Exactly what he manages to convey in his paintings.

During the opening I saw an old powerfull B&W picture of a boat stuck in the ice. Shot a hazy photo with my camera.
I used a water soluble brushpen (Koi-Sakura) in this drawing: almost all the grey tones come from diluting the ink and spreading it, to achieve that cold hazy look.
Not convinced by the result, but I am getting there.


Michael Lukyniuk said...

Nice sketch and thanks for the info on your technique. It's always interesting to get background information on how someone created their work. My only suggestion would be to have darkened the image much more. It would have also allowed you to play with light shining on the silhouettes of the ship and people. But I still like what you've done.

Rene Fijten said...

Good suggestion, Micael, I'll play around with Gimp and see how it works out.