Saturday, 28 July 2018


Simonskall, is a small hamlet just behind Aachen. You wouldn't say so after this picturesque scene, but this was the terrain of one of the worst battles of World War 2 (battle of Hürtgenwald). Americans fought for months against the Germans in this countryside with steep hills and severe winters. It was even worse here than the Ardennes offensive, which raged some 100km more to the south. The battle cost between 33.000 and 50.000 American casualties. And 28.000 on the German side. Quite a lot for a forgotten battle.
Forgotten, yes, it's about 50km away, and we know nothing about this battle. And I toured the district: there hardly anything left to remember.

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Michael Lukyniuk said...

Very vibrant colours. I like the way that you portrayed the terraced foreground.