Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Das cabinet des dr. Caligari

I found a terrific site: They have a unbelievable collection of classic movies like "das cabinet von Dr. Caligari". I saw parts of this movie when I was very young, about 6, at my aunts "tante Pia" house. I had vivid nightmares, I can still recall some scenes, but I never saw the movie again. Untill yesterday. Strange, even for a 1920 (!) film it had terrific artistic quality and plot twists that makes the expressionist film style the only logic choice. See it for yourself. I had to do something with the pictures still in my mind, I tried to capture the atmosphere in the ink drawing.
"Das cabinet des Dr. Caligari": een film uit 1920. Daar had ik al in 1964 nachtmerries van, en nu -in 2008- een hernieuwde kennismaking. Niet meer van deze tijd, maar toch geweldig. Die beelden moet ik verwerken, vandaar de tekeing in oi-inkt.

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