Monday, 8 March 2010


Last friday I visited with some other architects a chapel in Wachendorf (the Eiffel in Germany).
A concrete block in the middle of endless fields, but inside a stunning experience. Peter Zumthor (a swiss architect) had the local villagers pour concrete around a shelter made of wooden trees. Then he slowly burned away these trunks, leaving a black coloured room and a lead floor, with the trunks still visible, and dramatic light though the roof and walls. Wow.
BNA bezoek aan Wachendorf, in de Eiffel, vlakbij Duren. Een veldkapel van de zwitserse architect Peter Zumthor. Gaat heen en bezoek! Je bent een ervaring rijker!


Rob Carey said...

Wow- very interesting. I've never heard of it. Do people use this chapel?

Rene Fijten said...

Yes they do. As we arrived an elderly pair was praying, when we left 2 other walkers visited, more interested in prayer than aesthetics.