Tuesday, 27 April 2010


A Brazilian magazine "Red Dot" publicized a few of my drawings! They contacted me a few weeks ago for an article about the Urban sketchers; the article featured 9 other artists as well. But who would have guessed that a sketch I made three years ago on the great wall of China would be printed in Brazil! The world gets smaller all the time.
Enkele van mijn tekeningen zijn gepubliceerd in een Braziliaans tijdschrift "red dot". Dat is pas vet gaaf! Onderdeel van een artikel over de "urban sketchers". Wie heeft ooit gedacht dat een schets van de grote muur in China ooit in een tijdschrift zou staan, laat staan in Brazilie.


Beá Meira said...

This is amazing!
I didn`t know this Red dot magazine. May I shop it on the corner? I will find it out.
Congratulations. Nice drawings and good text.

Rene Fijten said...

It's the magazine of TAM, Brazilian airline, those books they have in the back of the plane chairs. I don't think you can buy it in a kiosk. But thanks Bea, and you are right, with things like this I keep being amazed about our world.

Geert-Jan said...

vet gaaf, superleuk!

Rodney van den Beemd said...

Een mooie erkenning voor jouw werk!

Rob Carey said...

Fantastic, Rene! Congratulations!

Rene Fijten said...

Rob, Rodney, Geert Jan, thanks-bedankt

Beá Meira said...

Yes, I know "Ponto vermelho".
Maybe I could get one this month.
I will tell you.