Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Botanic garden

Just a block away from my hotel there was the beautiful and famous Botanic garden of Singapore. I went inside to sketch, an hour early before work. I used the paper that Paul and Tia treated the evening before, to force me to use pre-splashed paper. The blue colour you see in the drawing was randomly applied the night before, without even knowing what I would draw. I was surprised to see how it somehow fitted perfectly into the painting!
Just after I finished the above sketch a woman came down and sat herself on the stone on the left, to meditate and stare into the water.

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Aline Martins said...

I wanted to ask permission to put their artwork on one of the covers of a book that the ACE (Association of Writers Ceará) will do. The book title is: The man who took notes. Put your name as the owner of the figure in the book, of course. Thank you.