Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tools of trade

I thought it might be nice to show my usual drawing kit, for on site urban sketching.
This is what I always carry in my laptop case: a moleskine watercolour 13x20cm, a small watercolour case with 12 half pan colours, four different fountainpens with different inks (sometimes I add a Noodlers flex nib pen, but unfortunately it leaks lately), a pentel black paintbrush, some pencils and a water filled Koi waterbrush.
I also carry 2 red sable brushes; I had to cut the holder in half to make it fit in the pencilbag.
For neat works I have a decent Rembrandt watercolour set at home, and of course the other stuff like oil paint, acrylic and gouache, all types of inks, brushes, pastels and pencils.
Enough to keep me busy.
Only a month later, and this set was stolen from me, on our way back from a weekend in London.


Geert-Jan Bol said...

Thanks for sharing again Rene.

Rene Fijten said...

Thanks Geert-Jan, it was a little by lack of subject ;)

Michael said...

I always enjoy seeing what other watercolur-and-ink artists use in their kits. Thanks for sharing this. I noticed that I have some of the same tools - a Lamy Safari fine with platinum carbon black and another Safari fine with Noodlers Lex grey. I also have the Pentium brush pen and a Noodler's brush pen with American Eel ink. I also use a Sakura water brush and a Windsor Newton Watercolour box with 12 half pans. Along with some pencils, an eraser and some cheap brushes, I put them in a small plastic box that I can easily carry around. My kit also includes some other inexpensive pens like the Waterman Graduate fine. Some day I'll have to make a sketch of this stuff like you did. Thanks.

Rene Fijten said...

Thanks Michael; I noticed a lot of sketchers like us use about the same tools. I don't know the waterman, that's a kind of fineliner?
I would love to see your stuff, please make that drawing.

Michael said...

The Waterman Graduate is a fountain pen with a fine nib that costs about $20 Cdn. I believe it's now a French company but began a long time ago as an American company. The one I have has a chromed metal body that's nice to hold.
I don't know if I could do as good a painting as you did - it will be a big challenge!

Rene Fijten said...

I am sure you can!