Saturday, 22 September 2012

Lapin et Gerard á Liege

Today I went to Liege, to have a fine day of outdoor sketching with some drawing friends.
We were invited by Gerard Michel, (the grandfather of Urban sketching), on the occasion of the visit of Lapin (from Barcelona).

We were with a group of about 15 people of 4 nationalities and had a super day. Not only drawing on some beautiful locations, but also drawing each other.

I'll show my drawings later, here's my impression of Gerard (top) and Lapin (bottom).

Drawn when we had coffee and an Orval on a nice terrace on Place du Marché.


nico jamin said...

Grandioos Rene! Dat is echt bijzonder! Super schetsen!

nico jamin said...

Grandioos Rene! Dat is echt bijzonder! Super schetsen!

RobCarey said...

Two of my favorite sketchers- both of these are great, Rene.

schilderijenfoto said...

Je maakt zulke goeie keuzes voor details en losheid, geweldig.

201169 said...

wow! you met Lapin! i love his style! and i'm back on my blog rené! a bientot!

Rene Fijten said...

Dank je Nico, ze waren zelf aan het tekenen, dus ze zaten beide rustig.
Thanks Rob, my favourites too, that's why I consider myself lucky to see them at work.
Geert-Jan, soms klopt het geheel.
Pascal, oui, lapin est formidable, j'ai inspectée son cahier, vraiment incroyable. Même meilleur que sur internet.

Balaji Venugopal said...

I have been following both for a while now - superb sketchers.
Your sketch portraits of both of them are lovely, especially the one of Gerard Michel.

Tineke said...

Dat klinkt als een geweldige dag! Mooie portretten ook, ben benieuwd naar de rest van je tekeningen.

Rene Fijten said...

Balaji, yes they are really superb. I have seen it up close.
Dag Tineke, wacht maar af, de rest komt binnen een paar dagen.