Friday, 5 July 2013


Art class in France. After trying our best with impressionism and post-impressionism, it was time for expressionism. Trying to express what you see, but not necessarily copying what is there. It's valid to make a tree red, as long as it serves the picture you want to tell. But it's always rooted in reality.
So we stood there in the blazing sun of Ozenay, a little vilage with a castle and a nice 11th century church. Here you see the colour and composition studies I made before making the final painting. I will show the final painting in a later post.
This picture here was also a study (acrylic 50x60), but one I made the day after I finished the painting. I tried to redo some of the things I liked, and improve on things I did not like. Anyway, I think the final painting (not the one of this post) was the best I made that painting week, and I am sure it had much to do with making all these studies.

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RobCarey said...

You are always experimenting and having fun- great way to do art!