Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Grand Canyon !

The Grand Canyon. Can only be expressed in superlatives.
It was a bit hazy though, it had just rained when we arrived, and another rainstorm was coming up. Actually, we were lucky that the helicopter flight was not cancelled. And what a fantastic flight it was: passing over the deep canyon below, and these rock formations as far as you can see. An experience I won't forget for a lifetime.
But I also felt quite dwarfed by the immense size of this wonder of nature. Not only overwhelming, but also intimidating. In this respect I was touched more by the beauty of Bryce canyon or the tranquillity of Joshua tree.
I made the ink drawing on the southern rim outlook. But just as I started to fill in the background, it started to rain, and we had to move. We had a severe thunderstorm while driving to our motel, half an hour away. I finished the coloured parts the next day during the busride, on route 66 to Laughton.

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